Saturday, August 18, 2012

El Petén Architecture

The El Petén style of architecture is one of the approximately five styles of ancient Maya architecture that archaeolgists have classified. It is older than the Río Bec style -- which it influenced and the Chenes style. For those looking for El Petén style sites, Xunatunich, Tikal, Uaxactun and El Mirador are several such sites.

Various structural features common to El Petén style architecture include prominent staircases, stepped terraces, gently curving corners and tall, somewhat slender pyramids -- some nearing 250 feet in height. The interior of El Petén style buildings is narrow and has arched ceilings. Stucco masks are a common decorative feature.

"Crests" or roofcombs are also a feature of El Petén. These are tall standalone wall-like features that are set on the back wall of a construction.


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