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Xlapak of the Puuc Region

Author's note: resources have not agreed as to how many buildings have been restored. Also, resources also disagree as to the charge to get into the site.

Xlapak (Yucatec Mayan for "old walls") is a tiny site in the Puuc region of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the state of Yucatán.  Within the peninsula, it is located near both the sites of Labná and Sayil -- being about 3.5 miles from Sayil and about 1.8 miles from Labná .

Xlapak may have been a community since the Early Classic Period, and also has evidence of being occupied during the Terminal Classic.  At one time, the population of Xlapak might have been 1,500 people. On a side note, there is a theory that states that Xlapak was at first a part of Labná.

Buildings at Xlapak were constructed around a central plaza. Worthy of mention at Xlapak is a semi-excavated artificial platform and -- around 984 feet north of the platform -- a building known today as El Palacio, Palacio or the Palace. Also worthy of mention is a chultun located near El Palacio.

El Palacio -- The Building of Note
El Palacio is a rectangular structure that six doorways (three in front, one on the left side and two on the right). In terms of decoration, El Palacio displays Puuc style architecture -- the lower half is plain while above the doorways there is a lot of stonework decoration. Used in the decoration are geometric designs and drum columns. At the center and the corners of the decorated half of the building are masks of Chac (God B), the rain god.

Xlapak is open from 8AM until 5PM. Depending on the resource, it is either free to get in, or costs around three dollars.


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